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Forcing my Child to Potty Train…..


So my daughter who is now 3.5 we have been potty training for what feels like years.  We started the same way as my son at about 2 sitting her on the potty, asking her if she needs to go.  By the time she was 2.5 we were asking her to sit on it after we changed her diaper.  By 3 we knew that she knew how to go on the potty and would tell us right after we went.  At this point I had made her trainers that were flannel on the inside and waterproof, so she would be able to feel when she is wet and would request to be changed.

She is starting preschool in a week (happy mommy and daddy, both in school!) and she needs to be potty trained in order to go.  We have been working on this all summer to no avail.  Last week it came to a head…. I figured out that it isn’t that she doesn’t know how to potty train, it is just that she is lazy.  She didn’t want to stop what she is doing to go on the potty.  She would prefer to pee in her diaper.  I mean when she is requesting a diaper to go pee I knew something was up.

I am a mother that likes to let my children lead.  I was all for letting her lead with potty training until last week.  I had enough! I mean she is 3.5 and can go on the potty, knows how and asks to when it is convenient for her, aka right before nap and bed.  At this point I tried every trick in the book.  I didn’t care I was going to put her in underwear and never a diaper or trainer again.  I removed all of the trainers and cloth diapers from her room and out of sight.  I encouraged her by Hershey Kisses.  She gets 1 for dry underwear and 1 for going on the potty.  It doesn’t matter what time of the day it is, these are something that she gets. (As I am typing this had to deal with an accident..).

Forcing her to go on the potty is the only way I can see that she will learn to hold it until she goes on the potty.  She has at least 1 accident a day, but it is nothing compared to going through 17 trainers and 6 diapers in 3 days.  I know that most kids it just clicks.  My son woke up one day and decided that he wanted to wear underwear and that was the end of that.

Each child is different and requires different way of parenting.  My daughter needs that full push in order to get her going…..maybe one day I will not have any accidents a day.