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Button Learning Games for Kids

Buttons are so useful! Not just for keeping your shirts together either!

When your children are passed the stage of putting things in their mouths, buttons can be a great teaching tool. These ideas are great for preschool to kindergarten.

Idea #1:

Create button “jars” to help them learn to count. Here’s how:

Make 10 “jars” with cardboard or index cards. Egg cartons are great too.

On each card, draw the number of circles coinciding with numbers 1-10.

Children then place the buttons to match the circles on each card.

So, starting with card #1, your child places one button in the jar; next is the “Jar” with #2 and they match 2 buttons with the circles you’ve drawn. And so on.

As your child gets better, challenge them by just writing the numbers on the “jars” and leave off the circles to match.

Idea #2

Using a muffin tin, children sort buttons by size. Have 3 main sizes – small, medium and large.

Talk to them as they are sorting. Which is bigger? Which is smaller?

These words are abstract and giving them something concrete to compare to each other is an important step in recognition of these concepts.

Idea #3

Using a muffin tin, have children sort buttons by color. Start with primary colors of red, blue and yellow. Then other colors can be added like pink, purple and green.

You may want to put a piece of red, blue and yellow paper on the bottoms of the tins to help very young children. Ask the children to “match” the color on the bottom.

Expand this by looking around the room and asking children to find something “red” that matches the button.

Idea #4

Cut a slit in the plastic lid of a coffee can.  Have children slide various size buttons into it.  The action of picking up the buttons and putting them into the slit is a great fine motor skill.  Plus the kids love the click of the buttons dropping into the can.  And they can shake it up and make music!

Idea #5

This is a fabulous fine motor skill exercise. Take various size buttons with holes big enough for gimp or thick thread to go through.  Tie a knot at one end of the gimp.  Let children thread the buttons onto the gimp.  They can make “necklaces” but most likely, they will just have fun threading, dumping it out and threading again.  This can expand to alternating colors – blue, red, blue, red.  Or 1 large button, 1 small button and l large, 2 small buttons as they get older.

Have fun!
Angela DiCicco


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